Experience the therapeutic Yoga & Meditation techniques have been practiced for thousands of years, and have been instrumental in bringing health & wellness to our bodies & mind, and maintain good health.


These techniques have been known to reduce anxiety, stress & aid in the healing process. The physical yoga postures help the body align itself, alleviate pain, bring more flexibility, nourish & improve the overall functioning of the organs & muscles at the cellular level. The guided meditation/visualization techniques help reduce physical & emotional stress and brings one to a deep relaxed state. This practice has been recognized by scientific research to lower blood pressure, stabilize irregular heart beat, and help one become more focused & centered in everyday life.


Most of all, a sense of calm, peace & joy emanates from the body and the heart, when such practice is done with compassion, care & love. A weekly class that jumpstarts your path to beautiful health and well being!


Class structure:                                                                                                                                       Video:

- Yoga Breath work (Pranayama).

- Hatha Yoga postures (physical postures)

- Meditation/Visualization session


Yoga & Meditation for a Healthy Body & Calm Mind.

                          Stress Reduction & Well Being series