Private sessions

You are meant for greatness!

   Let your light shine bright!

Private sessions are designed to offer a more personalized class according to the client's personal needs. These sessions may be taken by 1, 2 or 3 people.

Private sessions consist any of the following topics or can be individually designed according to the client's needs and wishes.

In accordance to the Yogic/Ayurvedic & Ancient cellular visualizations techniques of these traditions the following sessions are available depending on the need, mobility, injuries, illness or special requirements:

Breath work for Healing:

- Breath work Meditation for improvement of the circulatory system, physical ailments and pain, illnesses & overall good      health and well being.

Deep Visualization/Breath work Healing Path:

- Visualization techniques for healing (at the cellular, atomic, Biological, medicinal and psychological level). This is especially beneficial for individuals healing from physical, emotional trauma.

Please note that this is a very deep visualization healing path and requires at least a 2 hour session.

Therapeutic Movement:

- Deep stretching movement therapy for physical ailments & emotional challenges to soothe & relax the body and mind.

Private session costs:

Private session for one person: $85/hour + paypal charges

Private sessions are done in person, on zoom, or on skype