Morning Meditations for Deep Relaxation

This special 1 hour meditation course is specifically designed for early morning practice.


This class will offer powerful visualization meditation techniques that helps one to achieve a deep relaxed, calm, peaceful state. Various Meditation techniques like Yoga Nidra (Yoga of deep sleep), Mudras (concentrating on nerve centers), Breath work (Pranayama), & Mindfulness, will accompany the visualization techniques, helping in reducing stress & bring one to a deep relaxed state of being.

These profound meditation techniques concentrate on relaxing the organs, muscles, ligaments, tissues, and work at the physical, emotional, cellular and atomic level. A perfect tool and discipline to bring harmony and peace to the body, mind and heart.

These meditation techniques have been practiced for thousands of years to heal, bring wellness to our bodies & mind, and maintain good health. These techniques have been known to reduce anxiety & stress.

Most of all, a sense of calm, inner peace & joy emanates from the body and the heart, when such practice is done with compassion, care & love.