Our bodies manifest various forms of stress in different locations. Muscle tightness, cramps, stiffness and pain is known to result from various physical and emotional stress related to everyday work & personal life. In this workshop, learn how to properly stretch with the aid of proper breathing techniques, visualization techniques to enable flexibility and harmony to be restored in the body. A powerful tool that has been used for thousands of years, helps one truly bring calm and well being physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Contents of workshop:

- Breathing techniques

- Breathing technique, deep stretching & visualization techniques to address pain in the body.

- Special meditation techniques to bring harmony and balance to the mind and spirit.

This workshop is designed for both men & women. No experience is


Breathing techniques may be practiced while sitting on the floor or sitting

on a chair.

Deep Stretching for stress reduction & Well being

2 hr workshop/person for groups of 10-20 people $55(+$2paypal charge)


For special group, organization, corporate rates or private one on one sessions, contact a_choud@hotmail.com

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